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My confidence was at an all-time low and when we were invited to a wedding, I could feel myself panicking as many of the guests would have last seen me when I had a thriving business and was 2 dress sizes smaller. I felt ashamed and I really didn’t want to go but the couple getting married were good friends and my husband was looking forward to the celebrations.

Annie was easy to talk to. I could say things I wouldn’t want to say out loud to anyone else. I don’t really know how she did it, but she helped me find my confidence. I went to the wedding wearing an outfit I wouldn’t have chosen before, feeling proud of myself. We had a great time, but that was only the beginning.

I take care over myself now and I don’t want to hide in the background anymore. I like myself a lot more than I used to!

A, Surrey

I approached Annie when I was at a particularly low point. Right from the start, she helped me to structure my goals and actions in ways I would never have thought of otherwise. She offered a different perspective, and helped me feel much more confident about sorting out my life. I’m very grateful for her brilliant support.

A, Cheshire

I worked with Annie in the past. I’ve sat in a room with 6 people debating something until Annie cuts to the chase with a view that makes everything obvious. She’s got a way of unscrambling things so you can stop the debate and get on with the job.

When I was offered a secondment in the USA I should have celebrate but instead, I found myself deliberating.

I met with Annie twice to tackle my dilemma. I gained the clarity I needed and made the best decision for me and my family. I’m not sure I would have arrived at the same decision without her help.

Mr C, Berkshire

It has only taken 60 years to find Annie!

Without realising or acknowledging the fact that I had carried a lifetimes unhappy baggage around with me – affecting my life & everything it entailed. I needed someone outside the family to talk to.

After only one meeting with Annie, the burden began to lessen and clouds to lift. I was able to think more clearly, sleep more deeply & to rationalise. For me the written word helped tremendously- I wrote down feelings and childhood memories but primarily, it was Annie’s listening ear and the gentle teasing apart of thoughts & beliefs.

After four meetings I felt as if a weight had been lifted; I was more positive and able to decide my own future needs. Worries had drifted away & everyday challenges, dreams and hopes came to the forefront …

Annie ….. who makes everything seem possible!!!! Thank you Annie.


I have spent years building a successful career in education. I have a passion for crafts and for years it’s been my dream to turn my passion into a business. But leaving a secure job is hard.

Annie listened, questioned and probed. We talked about what could be possible and I quickly realised that I can turn my dream into my reality. Most importantly for me is to do this without having a negative impact on my family.

Now the whole family is on board and enjoying the ride! It’s a very exciting time.


Annie is warm, approachable and insightful. She had a way of simplifying the complicated!


You’ve opened up my world for me!


Case: A Problem with Sleep

R couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. This chronic problem remained unresolved despite R trying a variety of recommended methods. She would fall asleep without issue but wake during the night in a panic. We worked together for 6 sessions and as well as R’s sleep improving considerably, she found herself feeling more optimistic about her future. She began to see how she could achieve the things that mattered most to her, in a time that would suit her and her partner well. Gaining clarity helped her feel more in control and her night time panics stopped. I am delighted that R has now achieved those most heartfelt wants.


Case: Butting Heads with the Boss

J worked as a top PA to a top boss in a large and well-known organisation. Their once good relationship was turning sour. J didn’t want to leave her well-paid, close to home job.

Coaching helped J to resolve her issues in the relationship. She found herself more willing to adjust to recent changes in the workplace and became more flexible in her own approach to the job. The relationship took on a new dynamic and J remained in role, much happier. I happen to know that her boss welcomed the new approach of her assistant and was very happy with the outcome of coaching.


Case: Fear of Flying

S would only get on a plane if her boyfriend held her hand. They’d broken up and about a week following the horrific 9/11 incident S had tickets for a flight to Australia. She desperately wanted to visit her family there. She requested hypnotherapy. Although I have a qualification in hypnotherapy, I explained that I favour other methods. S had only one coaching session. She thanked me for my help and reported back to me some weeks later, that she’d flown without fear. About a year later I received a card from S. She was enjoying the experience of flying so much that she was taking every opportunity to travel. She was enjoying her newfound independence.


Case: Divorce

After 15 years of marriage, K wanted to ask his wife for a divorce but was terrified of starting the conversation. He wanted coaching to help him gain the confidence to begin the process.

During coaching, K recognised that what he really wanted was a happier marriage. He began to realise that this was possible with his wife. He still loved and respected his wife and decided that he needed to take some responsibility for making the marriage work. He made a commitment to himself to do his best within the relationship, then he started working on that.


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