Life Coaching Options

The Relationship Edit


You had an affair

Your partner had an affair

You love your partner but you’re just not happy anymore

You don’t love your partner but you want to remain together

You want to be in a relationship

Of all the matters presented, this is without doubt the one that holds the most fear. Verbalising what’s been in your head and your heart makes your situation suddenly feel more real. And it’s very different admitting it all to a pro than it is to a friend.

Your situation is intense. This stuff is very personal. You need to know that I work with discretion and with respect for your circumstances.

Regardless of whether your ultimate decision might be to develop, resolve or walk away from your relationship, you need clarity and a strong emotional core to work from. This stronger sense of self enables you to move away from fear, anger and confusion so that your thoughts and communication are focussed on simply getting life right. Because however things move forward, that’s your intention, isn’t it? To get it right.

As you progress with your sessions, you’ll begin to get a sense of clarity. Happiness begins to look possible and you’ll discover how you can work towards that.
This is not a race. This is about being able to get a sense of calm, clarity and direction in a timeframe that’s most appropriate for you.
And there’s always a box of tissues in my studio!

Session 1


You’ll need to talk. A lot. And that’s fine, because I want to gain information that will allow me to support you on your very particular journey. The work we do needs to be absolutely fitting for your circumstances and how you’re feeling. Putting your situation into words might cause all kinds of thoughts and feelings to surface. When you leave your appointment, you may feel a whole host of emotions. You could feel worried about the future, you could feel guilty because you’ve shared information about your relationship… you may feel relieved at having spoken about it. Thinking and feeling are all part of the process and we’ll meet for your next session as soon as possible so that you can start to get some fresh perspective.
Session 1

Session 2

Establish values

You’ll identify what matters most to you in a relationship and in your life as a whole. You’ll find yourself debating priorities, wants and needs. Your work in this session will have you looking at your life picture with greater clarity, necessary in allowing you to move towards what you want.
Session 2

Session 3

Outline a new picture

Using the information from your second session, you’ll create an outline for life that looks just right. This is a wonderful session – at this stage, it’s just an outline, you’ll be putting more detail to this later…
Session 3

Session 4

What you need

Already, you will have done some very powerful work. On top of getting your head and your heart around your choices, emotions and practicalities, you have the day to day things of life that you must continue to deal with. I know you will need space to make sense of where you are in your thinking. This session allows for that.
Session 4

Session 5


When relationships suffer, confidence takes a bit of a battering too. You need confidence to act as a support during this time in your life. This session will be about discovering or repairing yours, so that you feel more able to make the best decisions and maintain your standards while you continue to perform your day to day tasks.
Session 5

Session 6

Create a Life Plan

The work you did earlier and your journey so far will now allow you to create a Plan for yourself that shows you what’s possible for your future. Regardless of whether you decide to continue with your relationship or not – and you may not be ready to make that decision yet – this is about your happiness. Your Plan will help you build a sense of clarity, direction and strength. Your Plan will be created as a document and can be emailed, posted or handed to you so that you can see the happy life you’re going to create for yourself.
Session 6

Your investment : £375

Quote from client

“It’s hard but I do feel stronger. I know I don’t have to rush anything.
I just feel like I know what I’m doing now.”

Book Now for Free Consultation

Additional sessions following any coaching options can be taken on an ad-hoc basis at £50 per hour.

Clients sometimes find it useful to return when a new obstacle presents itself. A session or two are often all that are needed to realign and regain momentum. It’s like maintenance – if and when you need it!
Bespoke plans are available – just talk to me about what you need.


We work with focus and with purpose. You’ll cover a lot and some sessions may only require an hour whereas others will need more. If you can allow up to 2.5 hours, that’s great. If your diary doesn’t support that long, we work with the time you have available.
That’s ok. When we meet for your free consultation, we’ll work out what looks best for you personally. If you need a bespoke plan put together, I can do that. Our work needs to hold complete relevance to what YOU want to achieve.

We’ll speak on the phone first to check that Life Coaching looks like the best option for what you want to achieve. Then, your free consultation is an opportunity for us both to decide whether we think we’ll work well together. Every coach has their own style. Personality also has a lot to do with our work – the chemistry’s got to be right! This has nothing to do with whether we think we’re nice people and everything to do with whether we believe that our work together can give you the best chance of achieving what you need. So, your consultation gives you the opportunity to outline your matter and for both of us to decide whether we’ll work well together.

I’ve been on my own journey, so I know how it feels. The space we work in feels very safe and welcoming. Many clients surprise themselves at how easy it is to talk and make personal progress. Remember that you wanted to do this for a very good reason. So, ask yourself this: If you don’t deal with it (whatever your ‘It’ is), will you look back a year from now and wish that you had? I’m passionate about helping people make life better for themselves. If you don’t feel committed to resolving your matter, then Life Coaching isn’t the right option for you.

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