Life Coaching Options

The Confidence Edit


Interviews or meetings

Social environments

Presentations or performances


and more...

Where’s your confidence?

And how will life be when you have it?

Session 1


This session is about information gathering so that we can use the most suitable tools and methods for you.

Session 1

Session 2

Get to work!

You’ll get straight to work. Most clients are amazed at what they achieve.

Session 2

Session 3


You will have had some time to notice what’s different. This session gives us the opportunity to reinforce the changes so that your results are long-lasting.

Session 3

Your investment : £150

Quote from client

” I feel different ; I can say things I wouldn’t say before “

Book Now for Free Consultation

Additional sessions following any coaching options can be taken on an ad-hoc basis at £50 per hour.

Clients sometimes find it useful to return when a new obstacle presents itself. A session or two are often all that are needed to realign and regain momentum. It’s like maintenance – if and when you need it!
Bespoke plans are available – just talk to me about what you need.


We work with focus and with purpose. You’ll cover a lot and some sessions may only require an hour whereas others will need more. If you can allow up to 2.5 hours, that’s great. If your diary doesn’t support that long, we work with the time you have available.
That’s ok. When we meet for your free consultation, we’ll work out what looks best for you personally. If you need a bespoke plan put together, I can do that. Our work needs to hold complete relevance to what YOU want to achieve.

We’ll speak on the phone first to check that Life Coaching looks like the best option for what you want to achieve. Then, your free consultation is an opportunity for us both to decide whether we think we’ll work well together. Every coach has their own style. Personality also has a lot to do with our work – the chemistry’s got to be right! This has nothing to do with whether we think we’re nice people and everything to do with whether we believe that our work together can give you the best chance of achieving what you need. So, your consultation gives you the opportunity to outline your matter and for both of us to decide whether we’ll work well together.

I’ve been on my own journey, so I know how it feels. The space we work in feels very safe and welcoming. Many clients surprise themselves at how easy it is to talk and make personal progress. Remember that you wanted to do this for a very good reason. So, ask yourself this: If you don’t deal with it (whatever your ‘It’ is), will you look back a year from now and wish that you had? I’m passionate about helping people make life better for themselves. If you don’t feel committed to resolving your matter, then Life Coaching isn’t the right option for you.

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