Tackle Stress with The Stress Edit

Available to book from September 2020

When stress starts to take over, it changes us into a lesser version of ourselves.  Looking at what’s possible becomes harder.  Problem solving can become a problem in itself.  You lose confidence and your performance at work and at home suffers.

According to The Health Foundation, the most common issues affecting wellbeing as a result of Covid-19 are worry about the future (63%), feeling stressed or anxious (56%) and feeling bored (49%).  Probably what you’d expect when you look at what we’ve been dealing with this year.

Scrolling through social media, I have found the majority of posts to be very positive, with lots of happy reports of what people have been doing during the days of lockdown and easing… but from private conversations, I know that many of these posts are not a true reflection of how some of these people are feeling (well, of course – it’s social media).  I’m a life coach.  People talk to me about their reality.  I hear a lot.  And the numbers above come as no surprise.

September always seems to mark a new start, in the same way that January does.  Back to school, back to work, back to the normal routine of life.  But in 2020, other thoughts, emotions and stresses are attached, too.  The ‘normal routine of life’ isn’t normal as we’ve known our past Septembers to be and stress is still high.

Learning how to deal with stress occupies space in most of my clients’ journeys.  Each person’s stress manifests itself differently, has a different way of mounting up and causing pressure which has to be relieved somehow.  Each person has a different trigger point for “letting rip”, “blowing my top”, “hiding somewhere so I can cry” or sometimes, internalising the stress so that it builds to anxiety, depression or contributes to physical symptoms. 

Some people have found themselves under increased work pressure; others fear for what the future holds.  You might have found yourself wanting to achieve something positive but feeling unable to commit yourself to productivity.  Lethargy creeps in.  Relationships are tested as your fuse has shortened over the months – raised voices are heard more frequently around the house and for some couples, the increased stress of recent months has acted like a silent nail in the impending coffin of their relationship.  Help is needed.

I’ve created a Stress-Specific coaching package which is available from September.  It’s a high-value, time-efficient option where work is intense and focussed solely on managing your stress.  It’s designed to increase your coping mechanisms so that you feel freer, create a positive mindset and feel better able to cope with your day to day responsibilities.  The results will mean increased calm in how you feel and how you communicate.  Sleep quality will naturally improve, guilt will reduce due to better communication with others and you can learn how to turn your anxiety into positive mindset.  By reducing stress, you will be better able to take control.

Take a look at The Stress Edit in the Coaching Option Section of the website for information on how you can improve your stress levels with coaching.

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