Annie Taylor

Simple Kindness

Our scheduled existence means we cannot stop for everyone we know and have an in-depth conversation.  When we ask how they are as we cross paths, we get one of the following standard responses:             Fine thanks / Very well thank you / Good, how are you? A smile is included and sometimes embellished with …

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Losing a Loved One

When death touches us, expected or not, it brings a Tsunami of emotions with it.  It rips us apart and throws bits of us up in the air that we didn’t even know existed.  Eventually, everything is stuffed back inside, not quite in the same way as before.  We are left with an invisible scar.  …

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Be The Stronger Man

Once you’ve thrown the verbal blow you can’t take it back. Remember that. Like funerals and weddings, Christmas flings us together with members of the family we manage to avoid for the rest of the year. It’s stressful. You’ve been there, I’m sure – you manage to show off your pricey dentistry a bit, perhaps …

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