About Annie

Hello, I’m Annie.

I was coaching before coaching was a ‘thing’. I used to call it ‘helping people’. I would ‘help’ my colleagues and my team, then, noticing visible differences, others asked me to work with them and their teams.

It wasn’t until I got a job with a firm of business coaches that I realised that the favours I’d been doing could be a full-time, paid job! I was sent on courses to ‘learn’ the relevant skills. One colleague described me as having a ‘sixth sense’ – now I had formal training to reinforce my instincts.

I set up my own business after I moved to Cheshire with my family. I think I have one of the best jobs in the world! Knowing that I can help people become happier versions of themselves is incredibly rewarding. No two clients are the same. Please go to the What People Say page for some comments and cases. It will give you a flavour of how I can help.

I work with truth, with humour, creativity and respect. Working with me is easy but make no mistake – whilst you may sometimes feel as though you are simply having coffee and a chat, I will remain focussed on your goals and you working towards them.

In addition to Life Coaching I am writing too. The words on my website and my posts are mine and have received positive attention. I have been asked to write for other websites and blogs and in addition to all of this, have just finished my first novel and am starting the next!

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